29 June 2009

arrivederci means 'to see each other again'

One of the hardest things about having guests stay at our farm is saying goodbye.
The first post of my first blog is dedicated to Hadass and Dan (and Naomi) who drove away today, off to Rome, and on their way back home to Tel Aviv. With their encouragement, I have finally taken the plunge into the world of blogging...

What will this be about? My Facebook experience (Poggio Etrusco and Pamela Sheldon Johns) has been lovely because it has been a two-way communication (and sometimes even multi-way) with people I know. But, I think that this will be different, more musing than schmoozing...
In any case, my idea is to share some of my life on this little farm of mine with you... and it starts with saying goodbye.

This is our ninth year hosting guests at our agriturismo. We have met so many wonderful people (and only one or two stinkers) from all parts of the world and all walks of life (including the joint chief of staff of the U.S. and the heir to the Playboy realm...not at the same time, by the way). The time we spend together is intimate. We are sharing our home, and our guests are on vacation, relaxed and open. But, we have discovered that as soon as we get attached, they leave. In the beginning, before internet communication had advanced to its current level, we sometimes never heard again from our visitors. Now, at least, we have a chance to stay in touch.

So this new blog of mine is intended to be an arrivederci, which literally translates to "we'll see each other again." I will keep you posted on what is going on here at Poggio Etrusco until we do see you again!